THICKbyRobyn is not only an entrepreneur, but also a humble business woman. Growing up in Compton, Robyn has always had big dreams. From a young woman, she has known that she wanted to be a fashion designer. At any event, she always wanted to stand out. From changing her hair color, to altering a simple design, she has never wanted to be ordinary. To her, fashion is not only something someone wears; it is a way of life.

"THICK" not only refers to a woman's anatomy, but the skin she's in. Like the material, the women who wear

THICKbyRobyn are independent, strong-minded, and thick-skinned individuals. They wear their skin like a badge of honor. All THICKbyRobyn creations are custom-made and designed to perfection. Customers who order a THICKbyRobyn creation can expect high-quality, uniquely designed pieces that fit her body like a glove.

Customers can find THICKbyRobyn on Instagram at @THICKbyRobyn
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